• Rasgos confirmados: Bobo, Snob, Miedo al compromiso.
  • Opción confirmada: Desactivar crecimiento.
  • Detalles de emociones: Levantarse energizado tras un sueño reparador.
  • Hay 10 categorías de Aspiraciones: Amor, Deporte, Naturaleza, Conocimiento…


The Sims carries a strange stigma, as if a hardcore gamer like myself can’t like the series without having my peers glare at me with a sort of “oh, so you like that dollhouse simulator, huh?” Oh, yes, please bathe me in your judgmental stares. I feed off them. Okay, I lied. My peers don’t really care. They just want me to stop playing fake life and go outside where real life apparently exists. Escapism, our collective ass.

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