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  • Arreglos de errores
    • Vender objetos ya no los duplicará
    • Poner objetos en el inventario ya no los venderá
    • Ya no se pueden poner ventanas o puertas en el inventario
    • La cámara ya no se comportará de manera extraña

Update: 04/30/2019 – v1.15

Since we were last here reading the release notes together, a few pesky issues managed to sneak through. This update is pretty small but looks to address the reports we have seen since the update, especially around the controller.

General Issues

  • Somewhere along the way, selling objects from your lot would duplicate them instead. Just because your Sims won’t give up their possessions without a fight doesn’t mean you don’t get the final say. Now you can sell objects as much as you like.
  • On the other hand, sending to Household inventory won’t sell your objects anymore either.
  • It was never intended that you could put a door or a window in your inventory and the game reflects this properly. I mean, who has pockets large enough for a door?
  • The camera almost had a mind of its own at times, choosing what to look at. It should behave and look at only the items you want to look at.

- SimGuruLegacy