Vía: EA-Help

Pendiente de traducción oficial:

  • Solucionado un error que podía colgar el juego al iniciarlo
  • El juego ya no creará múltiples payasos trágicos
  • Ir a un restaurante ya no creará relaciones familiares entre personas comiendo juntas.

Notas de la actualización

Howdy Simmers,

Today we have a quick, targeted update to correct a few pernicious issues reported by the community. Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to getting these sorted out.


  • We fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash for some folks at startup or soon thereafter.
  • The game should no longer generate multiple Tragic Clowns. We have enough.

Dine Out

  • Going to a restaurant together should no longer spontaneously create new familial relations. Love at first sight may be a real phenomenon, but marriage at first meal just sounds like a bad reality TV show.

Remember: These repairs were made possible by the reports of players like you! If you haven’t checked out Answers HQ or The Sims Bugs & Issues forum, you’ll find a great community of players-helping-players and experts like @SimGuruNick and @SimGuruArvincollecting information.


(Posted on behalf of SimGuruJanitor who had the important task of pushing the button for this update.)